Following is a partial list of current and former clients of BLLG or Antone Johnson:

  • eHarmony (relationship matching)Clients - Antone Johnson -
  • MySpace (music-driven social media platform)
  • (social travel discovery)
  • Skout (mobile dating/social)
  • Jam City / SGN (social gaming)
  • Social Rewards (social media marketing)
  • YourSports (online sports enthusiast community)

  • (B2C travel e-commerce)
  • How I Met My Dog (pet adoption matching)
  • Social Rewards (social media loyalty programs)
  • Daily Donor (e-commerce based education fundraising)

  • Skout (mobile dating/social discovery)
  • (social travel discovery/B2C e-commerce)
  • (mobile analytics) (acquired by Google)
  • Selfie With Me
  • Daily Donor (education fundraising via e-commerce)

  • OpenPlay (digital music asset/catalog management)
  • (mobile analytics SaaS) (acquired by Google)
  • Social Rewards (social media marketing)
  • PsyML (psychometrics/ML-based product R&D)
  • Footprint Labs (chatbot-driven CRM)

  • PsyML (AI/ML-based psychometrics R&D)
  • Survios (VR gaming)
  • STORE Cloud (fintech / blockchain)
  • Metra NFT (NFT minting tool for artists)

Individual representation:

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