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Bottom Line Law Group offers business-critical tech General Counsel and Product Counsel services on a fractional, interim or project basis to startups and growth companies, Tech general counsel, Silicon Valley native Antone Johnson - Bottom Line Law Group bringing a seasoned “full-stack” tech business lawyer’s perspective to bear on strategic and routine matters alike. We offer the industry knowledge, accessibility and business acumen of seasoned in-house counsel, coupled with the subject matter expertise of top-tier international firms, all delivered with the personal touch and lower overhead of a small law office.

2024 Update: Please note we are not able to accept new clients at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience or delay in responding to inquiries.

Having represented pioneers and juggernauts in consumer Internet, e-commerce, social media, mobile apps and platforms, VR gaming, AI/ML and more, we’re adept at scaling steep learning curves demanded by visionary entrepreneurs, technologists and investors, with a pragmatic, product-centric approach that delivers unparalleled value. Yet we’re built on the classic foundations of elite legal education and top-tier Wall Street and Silicon Valley law firm training, followed by seasons in the “starting lineups” of iconic tech and digital media companies’ legal and Business Affairs teams in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California.

Bottom Line Law Group is a different kind of firm, built from the ground up and optimized to serve early stage startups and other high-growth, IP-intensive companies in the technology and digital media sectors. Although we represent clients in a variety of industry segments, if there is one common thread spanning two decades, it’s “online products and platforms”: Internet and mobile connectivity, content, communities and commerce. Practice areas include complex technology transactions and other commercial contracts; site and service terms, privacy policies and compliance; legal review and risk assessment through the full lifecycle of new product and feature launches; and ECVC corporate matters, from new venture formation through financing rounds to sell-side M&A or “acqui-hire.”

More on Social Platforms:
One area of unusual depth is the full spectrum of product legal, risk and compliance matters unique to user-generated content (UGC) services such as social platforms, private messaging, online marketplaces and social gaming at scale: Conduct and community guidelines, DMCA compliance, Section 230, EU GDPR / DSA mandatory CSAM reporting, content moderation, advertiser brand safety concerns, Trust & Safety counsel, related strategic/crisis communications and so forth. Drawing on tech General Counsel and executive experience at major consumer Internet companies, we work with creators and operators of emerging platforms (e.g. Mastodon instance admins) to anticipate and preemptively tackle these challenges with scalable solutions.

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