“Stealth Mode” Web 2.0 Startup

Exceptional Web 2.0 lawyer!  I’ve been working with Antone on setting up my social Web startup and have found his knowledge, guidance, and support invaluable.  He’s a great resource for any entrepreneur who wants to get it right out of the gate and have peace of mind on all of the legal aspects of starting and operating a consumer Internet business.  Highly recommend.

–Kevin, CEO and Founder

eHarmony, Inc.

I have truly enjoyed working with Antone and watched him build eHarmony’s legal structure from scratch to a professional organization.  eHarmony Logo He is a take-charge person who is always available to help and assist with every situation. His door is always open for advice and guidance and he tackles every problem with enthusiasm and a smile. His suggestions are insightful and realistic to implement and he always follows through to completion.

Scott Ackerman, Vice President, Customer Care

Antone played a key role in helping eHarmony transition from a company with the mentality and operations of a startup to a top-tier company. eHarmony Logo He brought a deep knowledge-base and a strategic mindset to the task of developing an in-house legal department. While his skills are top-notch, he also brings an attitude of collegiality, openness and good humor. In sum, he has all the abilities needed to produce in a growth environment and the personality to be an invaluable team player.

J. Galen Buckwalter, Ph.D., Chief Scientist and Vice President, Research & Development

Antone was a joy to work with.  His intelligence and deep, practical operating experience shone through in a variety of United States and international distribution/joint venture deals. eHarmony Logo In addition to Antone’s skills, I most appreciated his equanimity and calmness in the face of any circumstance we encountered. I would recommend Antone strongly — he is comfortable and experienced with early-stage as well as complex international companies — he has a huge range and will bring a much welcomed business lens to the legal affairs that he takes on.

Gregory Smirin, Vice President, Emerging Services

I worked with Antone for 3+ years, and think very highly of him and his work.  Antone brings a great mix of skills — strategic thinking, tough negotiating, pragmatism and focus on business results as well aseHarmony Logo deep experience in technology and consumer Internet. He’s also a lot of fun to work with. And he went to Williams. I hope to work with Antone again, and would give him my strongest recommendation.

Jon Ward, Vice President, Corporate Development

Antone was a joy to work with; his time sensitivity and articulate nature allowed for thorough handling of critical projects as well as risk mitigation and management.  He is able to absorb large amounts of data and deliver results and recommendationseHarmony Logo that directly result in improving user experiences and gaining the competitive edge through multi-tasking initiatives and experiences. I look forward to working with Antone again in the near future.

Armen Avedissian, Senior Director, Business Analytics

MySpace, Inc.

Antone did an excellent job of representing MySpace as part of our legal team.  MySpace logoI worked on several contracts with Antone, and he clearly explained the legalese and pointed out the pitfalls.  He knows how to negotiate in a friendly manner with vendors/partners while protecting the company’s interests and bottom line.

Jason Feffer, Vice President, Operations

CEO and Co-Founder,

Intermix Media, Inc.

Always the team player, Antone was great to work with at Intermix.  I worked with him on many complex deals, and he was involved in the compliance review of SEC docs. Intermix Media logo In all cases, the wealth of experience and attention to detail that he brought to the table supported what was an aggressive organization, and a successful one, due to the extraordinary efforts by all on the team of which Antone was a primary member. We could not have done it without him!

Michael Mincieli, Vice President and Corporate Controller

CIO at Kofax

Gemstar-TV Guide(Nasdaq: GMST)

I worked closely with Antone during an intense time at Gemstar-TV Guide.  The company was undergoing multiple levels of review by the SEC, DOJ, IRS, which required four years of restating SEC documents, Gemstar-TV Guide Logofinancial process retooling and the initial establishment and certification of our Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance.  Antone was instrumental in this process and was always calm and cool under the pressure.

Richard Steele, Vice President, Finance

Excite@Home (Nasdaq: ATHM)

While on M&A, joint venture, securities/corporate governance and bankruptcy projects, Excite at Home Logoand despite (1) the size of Excite@Home, (2) an adverse business climate and (3) the complexities of operating at the nexus of the fledging Internet, established cable and telephony industries, Antone demonstrated an ability to interface on complex matters with both adversaries and E@H executives across all levels and functional groups.

Tom Connelly, Corporate Counsel

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