Legal Guidelines for Small Businesses Using Social Media

Legal Guidelines for Small Businesses Using Social Media

Social media is real-time, spontaneous and casual, making it easy for people to think that “anything goes” online, says Antone Johnson, founding principal of Bottom Line Law Group, a San Francisco-based firm. Johnson has worked as an attorney at MySpace and eHarmony. He says many laws that apply to businesses offline also apply online. Continue Reading

Resources for Early Stage Entrepreneurs: Now 20 Items in the "Top 10"

New, improved, Top 20 List of free online resources addressing key recurring themes and questions that founders raise in our initial meetings: Assembling a founding team, choosing a legal entity, deciding on how to compensate co-founders and employees, gauging market conditions for funding, deciphering legal jargon and documents, retaining the best professional advisors, and so forth. Continue Reading

Social Rewards mashes up affiliate marketing, loyalty programs and social influencer incentives

Social media startup Social Rewards went live this week with an ambitious new service that aims to reshape the landscape of loyalty programs such as airline miles and hotel points, leveraging the power of social media to amplify marketers’ messages in a clever and cost-effective manner. Continue Reading

Working in Santa Monica, Coworking in San Francisco

As my firm picks up momentum, we’re putting down deeper roots in both Northern and Southern California.  Although virtual offices in executive suites offered convenience and flexibility during our launch, they’re less than ideal in the long run for many reasons. At the same time, as I’ve written before, BLLG itself is operating as a bootstrapped… Continue Reading

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