TEDx SoMa – Interactivity and the Digital Future

TEDxSoMa TEDx SoMaBottom Line Law Group is proud to sponsor TEDx SoMa, “Interactivity and the Digital Future,” taking place Friday, May 21 from 1-4 pm PST at pariSoma Innovation Loft in San Francisco.  The event, organized by the Institute For The Future, features Marina Gorbis, David Pescovitz, and Jason Tester, among other distinguished speakers.  It’s a relatively intimate venue that can only accommodate a limited number of guests, but you can watch the livestreamed event at the TEDxSoMa website or right here at Mashtag.  IFTF describes the event as follows:

On May 21, IFTF’s Executive Director, Marina Gorbis, will be co-hosting the TEDxSoMa event, an independently produced TED-style experience designed to bring together the most innovative thinkers and ideas from around the San Francisco Bay Area.

With its second gathering, TEDxSoMa is distinguishing itself among the TEDx community for its intimate venue (the pariSoma Innovation Loft), David Pescovitz discussion-style process, and prolific use of social media. IFTF is a sponsor of the event, during which Marina will co-facilitate the presentations by leading experts in the fields of bottom-up philanthropy, electronic art, game design, and corporate strategy. The event’s theme of “Interactivity and the Digital Future” speaks to IFTF’s recent research on engagement, persuasion, and media. IFTF’s Jason Tester will be speaking about “Using the Future to Save the Future” and David Pescovitz will be talking about “The World as a Wunderkammer: Curiosity, Citizen Science, and the Maker Culture.” You can view the full list of speakers here.

Thanks to the event organizers for giving us an opportunity to participate and contribute in our own way to the proliferation of “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Click the play button below to watch the livestream:

Watch live video from TEDxSoMa on Justin.tv

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